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THE PROBLEM AND our solution


peace, hope, joy and freedom

We’re angry.  Angry that people think they are less than they are.

That they live under a cloud of constant battle that wears you down,

steals your dreams and your soul, and leaves you feeling

drained, robbed and deserted with nowhere to go, and no energy left to fight.

It’s confusing and chaotic. It’s shame-filled, claustrophobic and limiting.

And it is not what we were made for.

We were not made to be less than all that we can be.

Mental health battles rob us of that. They distract, deter, demonise and demolish. They  wear down and wear us out. They whisper worthlessness, scream pain and wreak havoc.

We have had enough.

We will stand this no longer.

It is time to break through.

Break it off.

Shake it off.

Laugh it off.

Dance it off.

We have seen the power of music through Lockdown and Covid-19.

We know the innate power of music to bring release when we are bound.

Let’s dance on our troubles. Sing in the rain. Party like we’re free.

We know House can bring peace, hope, joy and freedom,

and the power to rise above.

It enables us to connect with something higher,

and to other like-minded people who become like family.

We know it can set people free.

Come and dance with us.

Our House is Your House. 


  • is to Use House music to combat the impact of negative mental health and Promote positive mental health.

  • we want To free a generation of people from the affects of negative mental health.

  • We will create networks of life-giving community around our Love of House Music

OUr Mission :

Here at OHYH! We know the power of House music and the positive effect it, and the amazing House community, can have on our mental health.


We agree:

  •     House is a Spiritual thing.

  •     House is a freeing thing.

  •     House is a powerful thing.

  •     That in our house everyone is welcome,

               and all are equal, loved and valued.

We agree:

  •     With House music we have the power to change             The world.

  •     In giving back and the power of a Generous spirit.

  •     We have the power to take our thoughts captive.

  •     In helping people to live in wonder.

  •     In cultivating thankfulness.

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